SermonAi Features

Feature 1

Research Assistant

SermonAI's Research Assistant revolutionizes sermon writing for pastors by offering AI-driven, real-time insights into historical, theological, biblical, and contextual queries, enhancing sermon depth and clarity.

Feature 2

Writing Assistant

SermonAI is a powerful integrated writing assistant, offering a full-featured word processor alongside a research assistant, streamlining the process of seamlessly incorporating research into your sermons in real-time.

Feature 3

Sermon Tools

Sermon Tools are meticulously crafted AI resources tailored for sermon research. Featuring original language, exegetical guides, outlines, commentary, illustrations, passage guides, word studies, and more, they empower preachers with profound insights.

Feature 4

Sermon Templates

Sermon AI Templates are the antidote to writer's block, offering inspiration and structure. Crafted by professionals, each unique outline, be it textual, doctrinal, traditional three-point, exegetical, or more, breathes life into your sermon preparation. They flexibly accommodate any scripture passage and translation.

Feature 5


Build a custom digital book collection with the Personal Book Builder, and effortlessly access your Logos and Kindle digital book collection with a single click—uniting your own personalized library and Ai research tools in a single application.

Feature 6


The SermonAI Library is a digital haven where your resources flourish. Build your personal book collection with the PDF uploader, and effortlessly tap into your Logos and Kindle digital books.

Feature 7


SermonAi Atlas is your gateway to biblical geography made easy. With access to over 500 biblical maps, searching and viewing becomes effortless, enhancing your understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

Feature 8

Writing Tools

Elevate your sermon preparation with our comprehensive Writing Tools package. Dive into a vast thesaurus for enriching your language, enjoy automated grammar correction with suggested revisions, effortlessly craft preachable outlines from any text, and break language barriers with instant sermon translation.

Feature 9


Meet Clippings, your ultimate sermon inspiration companion. Capture thoughts, quotes, illustrations, and more effortlessly. Save for future sermon writing with a single click and let your ideas shine in every message.

Feature 10

SermonAi Cloud

Your Sermon Ministry, Anywhere. Store, organize, and access all your sermons seamlessly from any device. Edit and enhance your messages with convenience and flexibility.

Feature 11

Listen To Sermon

Introducing 'Listen to Sermon,' your preaching partner. Craft sermons with confidence as you hear them in lifelike voices. Choose from six options, download your sermon as an MP3, and effortlessly share your impactful message with your congregation.

Feature 12

Preaching Mode

Introducing Preaching Mode: Your sermon's perfect partner. Keep time effortlessly, record and share sermons as MP3s, and receive visual cues as you approach and exceed your allotted time. Preach with precision.