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What Is SermonAi?

Where Innovation Meets Inspiration

SermonAi revolutionizes sermon prep by offering pastors a side-by-side research and writing platform, akin to having a savant in biblical history, theology, original languages, and culture right beside you. This next-generation tool allows for easy conversation, as if speaking to a friend, providing instant access to a wealth of knowledge and insights. It eliminates the daunting blank page, fueling inspiration with outlines, templates, and illustrations to vividly bring your message to life. SermonAi is the ultimate companion in crafting sermons that resonate deeply and authentically with congregations

SermonAi Research Assistant:
Your Personal Research Ally.

Instant Expertise at Your Fingertips

Unlock a world of knowledge with SermonAI's built-in Research Assistant. Seamlessly inquire about historical, cultural, biblical, theological, or linguistic topics, and receive immediate, detailed responses. It's like having your own personal scholar at your fingertips.

A Treasure Trove Of Sermon Research Tools.

AI-Powered Sermon Templates:
Scripture to Outline, One Click.

Discover unique, AI-crafted sermon templates, designed by professionals. Input any scripture to receive a customizable, structured sermon outline. Unlimited, distinct outlines for every Bible passage

Digital Books Meet SermonAi

Directly access your Logos and Kindle digital libraries, and Sermon Central sermons, right from the SermonAi dashboard

SermonAi Pro recognizes the significant investment pastors have in their digital libraries. Our latest feature, the Personal Book Builder, simplifies converting and uploading any PDF into a personal book, thus enhancing digital library management. While SermonAi Pro doesn't import your Kindle or Logos Bible Software collections, it does offer a unique solution: easy access to these platforms directly from the SermonAi dashboard. This approach allows you to utilize our AI tools while conveniently referring to your digital books, all within the same workspace.

SermonAi Digital Library

Access and chat with an Exclusive Collection of Premier Theological
Texts - Complimentary for Pro Members

Welcome to the SermonAi Digital Library, where the wealth of biblical knowledge meets the elegance of innovation, exclusively for our Pro members. Imagine having unfettered access to some of the world's most profound commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries, and theological texts. Now, picture this collection continually growing, with new treasures added monthly at no extra cost to you. But here's where the magic truly happens: SermonAi's pioneering feature that lets you 'chat' with your books, creating an interactive experience as if you were in conversation with the authors themselves. It's a dynamic way to engage with timeless wisdom and deepen your understanding, all within the sleek, user-friendly SermonAi ecosystem. Discover, learn, and be inspired as you explore the depths of biblical scholarship like never before. Welcome to your personal theological library, where every query leads to enlightenment and every scroll brings you closer to the divine.

Writing Assistant: Outline, Translate, Enhance.

Tools for Inspired Sermon Writing


SermonAi's new Thesaurus tool offers quick access to synonyms and related words, enhancing your vocabulary for more dynamic and engaging sermons.

Grammar Repair

SermonAi's Grammar Repair Tool goes beyond simple corrections, offering advanced functionality that identifies grammatical errors and provides alternate wording suggestions. This feature enhances your written communication by ensuring clarity, precision, and professionalism in your sermons, presentations, and texts. With options for alternative phrasing, you can elevate your message's impact, making it more engaging and accessible to your audience.

Summarize Text

SermonAi's Summarize Text Tool effortlessly condenses any block of text into a concise summary, facilitating easy reading and comprehension. Ideal for distilling essential information from lengthy sermons, articles, or documents, this tool ensures you grasp the core message quickly, enhancing study efficiency and engagement. Embrace the power of brevity with SermonAi's innovative summarization feature.

Sermon Translate

SermonAi's Sermon Translate seamlessly converts your sermons into multiple languages, broadening your reach and connecting with a global audience. Whether you're sharing your message with non-native speakers or expanding your ministry internationally, this tool ensures your words resonate across cultural and linguistic barriers. Experience the joy of universal understanding and inclusivity with SermonAi's transformative translation feature.

YouTube Transcript

SermonAi's YouTube Transcript tool revolutionizes sermon preparation by enabling you to obtain transcripts of any YouTube video with just a single click. Easily copy and paste these transcripts into the writing utility, allowing you to incorporate or customize the content into your own sermons. This feature streamlines research and inspiration gathering, enriching your messages with diverse insights and perspectives. Enhance your sermon crafting process with this efficient and innovative tool.

Create Outline

SermonAi's Create Outline tool transforms any text block into a structured, preachable outline with just a single click. Simplify your sermon preparation by instantly organizing ideas into a coherent framework, making it easier to develop and deliver powerful messages. This tool is perfect for pastors seeking efficiency without sacrificing depth, enabling you to focus more on delivering your sermon with impact. Streamline your sermon creation process with this intuitive and essential feature.

Introducing SermonAi's Writing Assistant, where innovation meets inspiration, all within the sleek, intuitive platform you've come to expect from us. Imagine the power of having a research assistant and a full-featured word processor, side by side, on a single screen. With SermonAi, seamlessly transition between deep research and inspired writing, without ever missing a beat. Our cutting-edge AI is your silent partner, offering real-time grammar corrections, creative phrasing suggestions, and even translating your sermons into any language with flawless precision. In just one click, transform blocks of text into structured sermon outlines, or distill complex ideas into concise, engaging summaries. SermonAi's Writing Assistant is more than a tool; it's your gateway to crafting messages that resonate, connect, and inspire, all with the elegance and simplicity you love.

SermonAi Cloud

Organize, Access, and Share Your Sermons Effortlessly

Welcome to SermonAi Cloud, the epitome of organization and accessibility for your sermons. Here, every message you craft is not just stored; it's meticulously organized, making it a breeze to find and refine whenever inspiration calls. Whether you're on-the-go or at your desk, access to your sermons is as simple as a click, ensuring your insights are always at your fingertips. With SermonAi Cloud, modifying and managing your messages has never been more intuitive. Step into a world where your sermons live, breathe, and inspire, anytime, anywhere.

SermonAi Preaching Mode

Preach with Confidence and Precision, From Any Device

Introducing Preaching Mode, a revolutionary feature designed to transform your preaching experience. Imagine stepping up to the pulpit with not just your notes, but a dynamic preaching assistant right in the palm of your hand. This read-only sermon display is tailored for clarity and focus, allowing you to deliver your message from any mobile device. With a tap, you can record your sermon into an MP3 file, capturing the moment for posterity or sharing. An integrated timer keeps you on track, subtly shifting the screen's color to yellow as you near your conclusion, and to red when it's time to wrap up. Preaching Mode by SermonAi empowers you to preach with unprecedented confidence and control, ensuring your message is delivered exactly as intended, every time.

AI-Enhanced Tools for Pastors: Simplifying Your Ministry

Empowering Pastoral Work: Letters, Hymns, and Announcements Made Easy

1. Counseling Guide

With just a simple topic entry, this tool provides a comprehensive pastoral outline tailored to address specific issues, ensuring that spiritual leaders can offer insightful, compassionate, and biblically-rooted counsel. Whether you're navigating complex emotional challenges or seeking guidance on spiritual matters, the Counseling Guide is your trusted companion in every counseling session.

2. Apologetics Guide

The Apologetics Guide is a powerful tool enabling pastors to effortlessly access well-informed Christian apologetics defenses for a wide array of religious sects and cults. With a simple entry of the religious group in question, pastors gain instant access to a comprehensive apologetics guide, equipping them with the knowledge and insights needed to engage in thoughtful discussions about the Christian faith.

3. Pastoral Letters

Designed with the modern pastor in mind, this tool streamlines the letter-writing process by generating beautifully crafted letters based on specific inputs such as the sender, recipient, topic, and any custom bullet points. The result is a personalized and profound pastoral letter that can be further modified and customized to perfection. 

4. Hymn / Worship Song Selector

SermonAi's Hymn/Worship Song Selector is a cutting-edge software tool designed to aid worship leaders, pastors, in choosing the right hymn or worship song tailored to specific passages or topics. Users can effortlessly navigate between contemporary songs, traditional hymns, or Catholic hymns to find the perfect musical accompaniment for their service or personal devotion.

5. Bulletin Announcements

With just a topic and specific details input, this tool crafts precise and engaging bulletin announcements tailored for your church community. Receive a thoughtfully composed announcement that can be further customized to resonate perfectly with your congregation. Keep everyone informed and uplifted; let 'Bulletin Announcements' handle the message while you focus on the ministry.

6. Meeting Agenda

With a simple input of the meeting type, date, and any specific bullet points you wish to address, this tool effortlessly generates a structured and coherent agenda tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to hastily scribbled notes and overlooked items. With the 'Meeting Agenda' tool, you're provided with a clear roadmap for your discussions, ensuring that every meeting is both productive and purpose-driven.

7. Sermon Series

Introducing Sermon series! By simply inputting a topic or scripture passage, coupled with the desired number of messages for the series, this tool curates a meticulously crafted sermon series outline. Each outline encompasses a captivating title, series description, relevant scripture references, compelling message titles, and insightful subtitles.

Setting The Standard in AI

Our mission at SermonAi is to be the premier motivator for responsible and ethical AI use in sermon preparation. With SermonAi, the goal is to enhance, not replace, the deep spiritual insight that only a dedicated pastor can provide.

Two Platforms To Choose From



SermonAi is a comprehensive platform designed specifically for pastors, offering a unique combination of writing and research tools tailored to the needs of sermon preparation. It features a side-by-side writing and research assistant interface, enabling pastors to seamlessly integrate their writing process with research. The platform includes various pastoral tools and other resources, simplifying sermon development and enhancing study efficiency. SermonAi's user-friendly design and specialized functionalities make it a valuable asset for pastors looking to streamline their sermon preparation and enhance their message delivery.

Best Seller

SermonAI (Pro)


SermonAi (Pro) takes the capabilities of SermonAi to the next level, offering an even more powerful and advanced platform for pastors. This upgraded version includes a redesigned interface for simultaneous research, enabling more efficient study and information gathering. It also features a personal book builder and single-click access to your other digital libraries such as Logos Bible Software and Kindle platforms. The (Pro) version enhances the research assistant feature, provides advanced grammatical AI tools for improved writing quality, and adds a range of additional tools to assist in sermon preparation. SermonAi (Pro) is ideal for pastors seeking a more robust and comprehensive solution to support their preaching and teaching ministry.

Revolutionizing Sermon Preparation

Harnessing AI to Empower Every Message

SermonAi empowers pastors by streamlining sermon preparation with AI-driven research, writing aids, and an expansive digital library. It uniquely offers the ability to chat directly with books, providing instant access to insights and saving valuable time. This comprehensive tool simplifies sermon crafting, enabling deeper, more impactful messages.


Discover how SermonAi can transform your sermon prep with a FREE 7-day trial—embrace innovation, enhance your sermons, inspire your congregation.