Unleash the Power of AI
in Sermon Research,
Writing and Delivery.

Empowering pastors to create impactful sermons with ease and precision.


SermonAi's research assistant
greatly assists pastors by
swiftly providing answers to
biblical, historical, and
theological questions. It
simplifies sermon preparation
with customizable outlines
and a diverse suite of biblical
research tools.


SermonAi elevates sermon crafting
with a comprehensive AI-enhanced
word processor.
Experience advanced grammar assistance, an extensive thesaurus,
and creative Ai generated writing inspiration. Plus, effortlessly generate endless customizable
sermon outlines with a single click.


SermonAi Cloud allows users
to store, edit, and organize
sermons efficiently, with
folder creation capabilities,
ensuring easy access to all sermons anytime, anywhere,
enhancing sermon
management and


SermonAi's Preaching Mode
provides a streamlined
preview of your sermon for
effortless delivery, complete with a dynamic
color-coded timer and
an integrated MP3 recorder
to easily capture
and share your teachings.

ipad with books

Digital Books Meet SermonAi (Pro)

SermonAi Pro recognizes the significant investment pastors have in their digital libraries. Our latest feature, the Personal Book Builder, simplifies converting and uploading any PDF into a personal book, thus enhancing digital library management. While SermonAi Pro doesn't import your Kindle or Logos Bible Software collections, it does offer a unique solution: easy access to these platforms directly from the SermonAi dashboard. This approach allows you to utilize our AI tools while conveniently referring to your digital books, all within the same workspace.

Setting The Standard in AI-Assisted Sermon Writing

Our mission at SermonAi is to be the premier motivator for responsible and ethical AI use in sermon preparation. With SermonAi, the goal is to enhance, not replace, the deep spiritual insight that only a dedicated pastor can provide.

Two Platforms To Choose From



SermonAi is a comprehensive platform designed specifically for pastors, offering a unique combination of writing and research tools tailored to the needs of sermon preparation. It features a side-by-side writing and research assistant interface, enabling pastors to seamlessly integrate their writing process with research. The platform includes various pastoral tools and other resources, simplifying sermon development and enhancing study efficiency. SermonAi's user-friendly design and specialized functionalities make it a valuable asset for pastors looking to streamline their sermon preparation and enhance their message delivery.


SermonAi (Pro)

SermonAi (Pro) takes the capabilities of SermonAi to the next level, offering an even more powerful and advanced platform for pastors. This upgraded version includes a redesigned interface for simultaneous research, enabling more efficient study and information gathering. It also features a personal book builder and single-click access to your other digital libraries such as Logos Bible Software and Kindle platforms. The (Pro) version enhances the research assistant feature, provides advanced grammatical AI tools for improved writing quality, and adds a range of additional tools to assist in sermon preparation. SermonAi (Pro) is ideal for pastors seeking a more robust and comprehensive solution to support their preaching and teaching ministry.